The Way We Work

At Red Brick Design Studio, Architecture and Interiors converse with each other and are joined together from the very beginning of the design process. An underlying sustainable thought provides an environment for all the different aspects of a project such as structure, MEP, furniture, lighting and decor, and the space itself to come together alongside new and innovative techniques. This integration extends from the design team to the building itself.

Each project is developed with a unique set of themes or principles closely connected to the unique set of users for that particular project. Customisation and attention to detail is developed with an integrated approach.

Red Brick Design Studio pays close attention to the many aspects of progress throughout the project’s inception of design to completion. Our team supports all the agencies, including the client, in selecting, executing and producing the finest ideas into finished spaces capable of sustaining themselves through the future, keeping the budget and timelines perfectly in sync with the projections.

Red Brick Design Studio provides the perfect ambience for all scales of projects by having the flexibility of a small firm, in a niche local studio setting, with the international standards of a global practice.