About us

Red Brick Design Studio is a bespoke Architecture and Interior Design practice engaging in creative, contemporary design on a wide range of projects in a niche context, working intensively as craftsmen making each work as an exclusive product.

Its design concerns and problem-solving approach are primarily driven by availability of local materials, the econo-cultural profile of the users and a need to create design that inspires.

The creative works of the studio are situated across a wide range of topographies.

Their expertise includes Villas, Weekend Homes, Private Residences, Apartments, Penthouses, Offices, Retail Outlets, Storefronts, Hotels and Restaurants.


Our concept of Architects and Interior Designers working together creatively from the beginning of a project enables the flux of new ideas more freely.

With this pooling of talent, knowledge and expertise, they learn from each other and come up with defensible, intricately connected design solutions.

Sahil & Swapna

Sahil Tanveer Principal Architect

Sahil Tanveer

Principal Architect

Sahil Tanveer was born in Dharwad, Karnataka. After graduating from B.V.B Hubli, he wandered the depths of art, design and photography, working and absorbing in numerous firms at different cities.
Before finally deciding to venture into the world of design on his own, he founded Silhouette Media, a media service collective and a Photography enterprise specialising in fashion and people. Red Brick Design Studio was founded by him in an attempt to bridge the gap between international standards and local architecture. Besides architecture, Sahil maintains a parallel hobby of photography and is published in Antarya magazine and interviewed by The Hindu for his diverse design lifestyle. He is registered with the Council of Architecture, the IIA and the IIID.

Swapna Neogi Principal Designer

Swapna Neogi

Principal Designer

Born in Zambia, Swapna Neogi, the deep rooted anchor of the firm, has over a decade of experience in the field of Interior Design. After graduating from Kolkata, she has worked in numerous places including South Africa and brings to the firm a sense of true diversity and integrity. Her design sense exudes perfection and her personality wins over anyone that she works with making her a unique people-person. Her attention to detail is her unique quality that has enabled her to complete many residential and hospitality projects in Mumbai and beyond.