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About - Red Brick Design Studio | Architecture | Interior Design | Planning

As a multidisciplinary Architecture studio, Red Brick Design Studio engages in creative, contemporary design on a diversified portfolio of projects in a niche context.

A Luxury Boutique Architecture and Interior Design studio established in 2013 by Architect Sahil Tanveer and Swapna Neogi.

Based in Mumbai along with a studio presence in Dharwad strengthens its belief of having a cosmopolitan design practice with the flexibility of a local studio, which allows them to work across a wide network of key cities in the country.

Red Brick Design Studio approaches design based on Sahil’s sustainable design beliefs coupled with the rich experiential aesthetic culture of Swapna, both of who bring together their varied cultural influences and understanding to take every new project as a separate entity proposing unique and contextual solutions engaging with the socio-culture of the immediate surroundings.

The combination of Swapna and Sahil, coming from Interior and Architectural backgrounds working together from the beginning of a project, strives to create a clear understanding between the two disciplines and promote adaptive reuse, sustained living, and relation to the urban fabric, and come up with sophisticated, classy, climate and client-responsive design solutions.

architect in black shirt with wall art behind painted by him

Sahil Tanveer was born in Dharwad, Karnataka. A graduate in Architecture from B V Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli. The vision for a cosmopolitan practice developed while he worked and observed the people and cultures in numerous firms in different cities. Firms like Rita Mody, DCAPL, Metro, Design Inc became instrumental in one way or the other, influencing his school of thought.

Being vocal about sustainability, adaptive reuse, and socially charged issues surrounding society, he regularly publishes essays on the website's blog, LinkedIn, and contributes to architectural magazines.

Red Brick Design Studio continually grows in his vision and attempts to bridge the gap between international standards and local architecture. Sahil is featured in Antarya magazine, The Hindu, The Architect's Diary and is registered with the Council of Architecture, the Indian Institute of Architects and the Institute of Indian Interior Designers.

Interior Designer with glasses and straight hair looking radiant with evening sun

Born in Zambia, Swapna Neogi, the deep-rooted anchor of the firm, has over a decade and a half of experience in the field of Interior Design. After graduating from Kolkata, she has worked in numerous places including South Africa and brings to the firm a sense of true diversity and integrity. Her attention to detail is the unique quality that has enabled her to complete many residential and hospitality projects across borders.

Swapna deals with every project with an individualistic approach and does not actively push for a signature style. Sustainability in design comes to her naturally. She is inspired by the earthy and minimalist contemporary architecture of Vietnam and Singapore and aspires to make every space more liveable and fully entwined with nature.

Swapna believes her firm offers the total package to people not only in terms of professional services but also as an overall educative and cultural experience and interaction. People get way more than just an Interior design firm or a designer when they enlist her. Personal relationships are developed with the clients that last for a long time.

living area with sofa and tv and lounge chair, curtains, lamp, in Hospet


Interior Architecture for
Private Residential Buildings
like Villas, Weekend Homes,
Apartments and Penthouses.
office workstation with white and yellow, computer, desktop, windows, blinds, room seperator, partitions, hanging, office in hubli


Commercial Interiors for
Offices, Retail Outlets
and Storefronts.
restaurant, concrete blocks, dining tables, tiles, chairs, painted murals, bar, gymkhana club, hubli


Interior Architecture for
Hospitality Buildings like
Sports Clubs, Airbnb Letouts,
Resort Residences, Hotels
and Restaurants.